London housing design guide

“These guidelines will raise the standard of living for thousands of Londoners, ensuring brighter and more spacious living conditions, particularly for the growing number of larger families." (Boris Johnson, Mayor of London)

Mæ was commissioned by the London Development Agency (LDA) to work with them to develop the London Housing Design Guide, which simplifies the range of other housing design guidance, such as Lifetime Homes and Housing Quality Indicators. It will apply to all GLA London-funded schemes from April 2011.

Mæ reviewed over 300 existing housing design requirements. The resulting Guide has distilled the plethora of existing guidance into a more manageable set of key requirements.

The guide is structured around 6 themes, taking in issues of delivering housing at appropriate densities, providing family housing, the importance of well proportioned streets, access to local transport, services and amenities; plus flexibility of space, daylighting and private open space. It sets minimum standards in a number of key areas including: internal space standards, balcony sizes, aspect, floor to ceiling heights, quantity of storage space, and the number of units sharing access.

We subsequently worked with the Mayor of London developing it for the London Plan Housing SPG.

You can download a copy of the interim Guide here. For assistance in meeting the requirements set out by the Mayor of London, or to enquire how Mæ can help you meet design compliance or offer a training seminar on the content, contact Mæ.

Project facts

Client: GLA

Date: 2009-2011

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