Design skills training

Mæ lead a team of consultants to deliver the DDQ Design Skills Training Programme 2010, on behalf of clients Tranform South Yorkshire. The free programme was to provide house builders, including RSLs, private and voluntary sectors with training that meets all levels of experience.

The programme's approach is practical, focusing on case studies, and aims to give professionals the tools they need to continue developing their design skills long after they've left the workshop sessions.

The programme was delivered at three levels, depending on the experience of delegates:

1. Foundation Series - for those with little or no design experience.

2. Partnership Series - for those who are experienced and are working in design, regeneration and sustainability disciplines.

3. Masterclass Series - for senior professionals and leading figures in the industry, including executives, directors and Local Authority Members.

The series is available online as a series of podcasts


Project facts
Location: Sheffield
Date: January - June 2010
Client: Transform South Yorkshire
Other consultants: Paul Drew, Matrix Partnership, Urban Nous

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